Helping Parents Burn Off Those Extra Calories

Eating right is just half of the equation for parents. It is also important to stay active. One way to do this while also keeping the family involved is to use a jogging stroller. We have used one of these for years with both of our children and haven’t regretted it one bit. It may be a bit costly, but the benefits are well worth it. One of the models that we have tried and recommend is the the Zoom 360 by Joovy.

This is definitely a running stroller that was designed to stand out from the rest of the pack. Featuring a swiveling front wheel that turns to any direction, the stroller is equipped with an extra-wide reclining seat to provide your little one with better comfort, an oversized sun canopy for proper sun protection, as well as a lightweight, and a folding frame that makes it extremely versatile when having to transport and store the stroller.

The Joovy can be used for both regular strolling and running. To enhance your experience, the stroller includes a parent organizer, tire pump and runner leash, ensuring you of excellent storage space where you can keep your essentials during each ride. Perhaps the best jogging stroller for the money, the Zoom 360 has a lot of positive aspects that parents love. Those who have bought this jogger tend to be quite pleased with their purchase and have left some very nice reviews.

Recommended weight capacity: 75 lbs.

Product Features

Swiveling Front Wheel: As with most jogging strollers out there, the Zoom 360 comes with a swiveling front wheel that can turn to any direction, making this model easier to maneuver and handle even in crowded areas. Also, the fully-rotating wheel can be locked into place with the flip of a switch, which helps keep the unit stable and easier to keep straight when traveling at a faster pace.

Shock-Absorbing Suspension: Probably one of the most notable features of this Joovy jogging stroller is its shock-absorbing suspension, which is integrated in its sturdy aluminum frame. Provided that road bumps are unavoidable at times, keeping your child perfectly comfortable is be a priority. Each of the rear wheels has its own air suspension. This model has no rear axle, which means runners are able to make longer strides.

Extra-Wide Reclining Seat: It is fully equipped with an extra-wide seat that can accommodate babies up to 75 pounds. The seat can be reclined back for whenever the passenger is more interested in taking a quick nap. Joovy has specifically engineered this stroller to provide better protection, adding a large sun canopy that can be positioned as desired to prevent sunlight and other elements from potentially affecting your infant.

Quick Fold Design: Lastly, this model comes with a folding design that will make this jogging stroller much more convenient to transport and store. The model can be easily folded down into a more compact size when desired, making it extremely suitable if you are planning to embark or a car ride and want to take it with you, or if you do not intend to use it for a while and cannot afford wasting space in your home.

What Owners Like About the Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel?

Smooth Rides: The primary aspect buyers likes about the Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel was its capacity to ensure both babies and parents of a very smooth ride. This is due to the shock-absorbing suspension system the stroller features which helps smooth out the bumpiest of paths. Owners really appreciated this about the stroller.

Easy to Maneuver: Owners for the most part are very pleased with how this unit handles. Turning, pushing and stopping the stroller are all important factors for a jogger, and users seem to like how the Zoom 360 performs in these areas. Running stroller safety is a primary concern for most parents and this jogger handles these worries with ease.

Ergonomic Design: Although the seat is very large when unfolded, it has a relatively low footprint when folded. Storage is easy as well as getting it in and out of vehicles. A definite plus for parents who want something that can be used on a regular basis.

Enhanced Comfort: According to several customers, this jogger is very comfortable for infants, particularly because of the padded reclining seat this stroller comes with. Featuring a five-point safety harness system, this model will keep your child perfectly secure in any situation or over most any type of terrain.

Storage: This model has a very large storage basket under the stroller that can hold quite a lot. This feature has been a hit with several owners.

What Could Be Better?

Poor Fabric Quality: Even though most customers were happy with their Joovy Zoom 360, a few have reported that the quality of the fabrics was not something that they cared for. A few owners wished that it was just a bit easier to clean.

Bulky Construction: One aspect you might find quite undesirable is the bulky construction of this stroller. You will find it pretty difficult to fold if you will be using only one hand.

Bottom Line

The Zoom 360 is a durable, lightweight and easy to use jogging stroller that has several design features that help it stand out. No rear axle enable longer strides when running, aluminum frame, high weight capacity and superb suspension all help make this a jogger worth consideration. Owners continue to rate this pretty highly as it usually receives score in the mid 4’s out of 5 stars from users.