Replacing Our Stinky Convertible Car Seat

We made the grand mistake of going with a bargain car seat when we first knew that we needed to get one. We really didn’t have a choice since money was tight and babies are expensive. Well now three years later I am really regretting that we were in that situation. The cheaper seat that we got has not really held up that well. As moms who spend time in the kitchen know, messes are hard to avoid and with a child they are impossible. I cannot count how many stains our precious little dirty angel has managed to scatter in all kinds of places on her seat. I have tried in vain but some of them have seat and I have just completely given up on getting them out. We are in a better situation now financially so it is time to get something better.

We have been budgeting and saving up so that I can get something that is of course safe, and comfortable for her, but something that is easy for me since I the seat is typically in my vehicle 95% of the time. I have done tons of research, and read through all of the convertible child seat reviews on Momma Trauma Blog to find the exact model that would be perfect for us. It was a little costly, but we ended up buying the Chicco Nextfit Zip. This was a splurge but now I am in car seat heaven.

What I Like

This may make it seem like I am sponsored by the company, but I am not. I just really dig this seat. Here are some of the things that have made this a tremendous upgrade for our family.

Easy To Clean

Yes, of course I am going to start here since this was the main reason for getting a new one. The “zip” feature in its name is fitting since you can easily unzip the cover and remove it from the seat. Then you just throw it in the washing machine. Holy cow has this changed my life. It did not take her long to put a big fat juicy stain on the arm rest section and it came it like a breeze. This alone was worth the price. Over the next few years I can really see this saving me a lot of headaches and hassle.


It is built like a Mac truck. It feels really solid and its shell and base provide the ultimate protection. I do not have to worry one bit about her safety which really helps me as am driving. You should not have any protection concerns.

She Loves Riding In It

How I judge how comfortable a convertible car seat may be is by how fast they fall asleep. She is out like a light in no time. She also doesn’t sweat which means the fabric can breathe. She has no worries riding in her seat which was a big load off our shoulders. The last thing that we wanted was to get something that we liked but she hated. We don’t have to stress over that.

The End Of Our Little Review

My life is so much easier now and I am so happy about it that I thought I would share it with other moms out there who may be in a similar situation of being stuck with a smelly car seat. I am sure there are other models out there that would have also done a good job and are easier to keep clean but the Nextfit Zip has checked all of the boxes that were important to us. As a family we are much more satisfied with what our daughter is riding in and you really cannot put a price on that. But if you had to it would be around $350, at least that is what we ended up paying.

You don’t have to be weighed down with a nasty seat cover. Save up, ask for help, and get something that you deserve. You have to use this seat every day for the next few years so make sure it is something that works with you and not against you. Your nose will thank you.

Here is a video of what you can expect if you pick up one of these seats. This is not me in the vid but another happy Mom who feels my excitement.